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Thu Sep 25

This is one of the most creative targeted voting campaigns ever, regardless of who you are or who you vote for. And it stars Sarah Silverman.

Wed Sep 17

Trying to tighten the belt in hard economic times? Nalts shares his high-stress, slightly racists tips on how to avoid bleeding the piggy bank on your morning commute.

Wed Sep 10

Seth MacFarlane launched his online-only animated series Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy today. The show is the second example in the past few month of TV producers developing their own project on the web. Will the freedom of the net attract more studio talent?

Thu Aug 14


Banana Express - another great video this week from the Indy Mogul gang. Featuring richard blakeley, lindsay campbell and Amber Lee Ettinger (aka Obama Girl), among others.

justin writes:

Steve and I spent over 36 of the last 72 hours on this. I’m pretty pleased with the end result. Lots of locations, make sure to check out the original to see how close we got a lot of the time.

Wed Aug 13
Tue Aug 12
Thu Jul 31

Good Magazine: Oil Addiction

I’m in love with Good Magazine’s videos, and their use of Justice’s Genesis as the soundtrack is icing on the cake.

[via NewTeeVee Station]

Tue Jul 29

Chromeo’s video for Momma’s Boy is deliciously reminiscent of, but obviously not as good as, Aha’s Take On Me. [via soupsoup:frangry]